Those trees and your insurance claim !

There's a fairly good chance if you live around trees one will eventually get you involved with your insurance company. There are 100 different ways your insurance company may look at such a claim for a tree falling on your home. The Global Patriot Adjusters we find that a great many of these tree claims result in major structural damage to your home.

We also noticed that many insurance companies try to minimize these damages to nearly 10 or 15% of what it actually cost to repair the damage.

We employ a staff a very experienced estimators to uncover every aspect of the damage to a building. We also call in engineers when needed to validate the claim with third-party evidence. We enjoy the ability to place the insurance carrier into an evidence-based argument that cannot be pushed away due to the preponderance of evidence.

If you have a claim resulting from a tree falling on your home it is important to stop and take exhausted photographic evidence of every aspect of the damage. Even before we come to assess a claim, we always advise insured individuals and companies to take many pictures so that we can show the time and date of when the damage occurred and what it look like on a certain date and time.


With these types of claims we encourage owners to act very quickly because of the need to stop the damage to the home while adequately documenting all damage to the home during this process.

They well-documented claim can be closed completely with in 30 days if properly documented and advocated bar services. A claim that is not well-documented can often lasts up to six months before resolution is fully realized.

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