Structural Damage to you home or business can be caused by many different problems. Mold can grow in the base of a building and begin to eat away at the objects that are holding up a building until the base is not strong enough to support the building anymore.

A storm can blow debris at your home and cause structural damage to the exterior or even put a hole in the side of a building. The worse case of structural damage is when there is a total collapse of a building.

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Total collapses usually occur when a problem like mold damage, storm damage or water damage have been left for an extended period of time without being fixed. When that happens the problem will continue to get worse until the entire building collapses.

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Not only is this extremely dangerous because it can cause injuries to anyone who is in the building when structural collapse occurs, but it is also a detrimental hit to the lives of those people who live and work in the building. If a business suffers structural collapse the owner and employees cannot work and provide for themselves or their family. If structural collapse occurs at a residence than a family no longer has a place to call home.

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Global Patriot Adjusters understand the seriousness of structural collapse and the emotional and physical distress it can cause. Our public insurance adjusters are here to maximize your claim so that you can get back to living your life in the most comfortable easy way. We work with our clients because we care about them and treat each claim with a personal touch.

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A bigger settlement amount for you:

Global Patriot Adjusters has a great track history of getting our clients — the insured — a much better claim payout amount than they can on their own. Below are a few examples for typical claims we handle for homeowners and business owners. The 5 insurance settlement examples below gave the insured policyholder an average INCREASE IN SETTLEMENT OF 418% and AN AVERAGE INCREASE OF $21,406!

Original claim amount from company: $900 — structural damage
Amount we negotiated on behalf of insured: $12,000
Percent increased for the client: 1,233% ($11,100)

Original claim amount from company: $15,492.41 — wind damage
Amount we negotiated on behalf of insured: $81,507.59
Percent increased for the client: 426% ($66,015)

Original claim amount from company: $2,804.13 — water damage
Amount we negotiated on behalf of insured: $10,270.18
Percent increased for the client: 266% ($7,466)
Original claim amount from company: $15,893.83 — water damage
Amount we negotiated on behalf of insured: $29,343.83
Percent increased for the client: 84% ($13,450)

Original claim amount from company: $10,727.19 — freeze
Amount we negotiated on behalf of insured: $19,727.19
Percent increased for the client: 84% ($9,000)

While we cannot guarantee you will always get 4-5 times the amount you are first offered, we pride ourselves in always getting the maximum amount you need and deserve based on your particular loss and insurance policy. Contact Marc Lancaric for a free estimate.