How we can help Vermont residents, property managers, and business owners with flood, fire, and wind damage insurance claims.

We serve VT residents, property managers, and business owners with their personal and business related insurance damage claims in these cities and towns:

Cities in Vermont we serve:

Towns in Vermont we serve:

Global Patriot Adjusters is a company created on the single devotion to bring every dollar deserved to clients from an insurance claim. We maintain the best reputation in the Public Adjuster business because we take each claim for each client as a project with personal ownership and accountability. We do this because we are constantly helping those in serious situations where our clients are faced with problems that could lead to homelessness if not dealt with properly.

We specialize in hail damage, mold damage, storm damage and more. 

Please call Marc Lancaric at 800-654-3041 with any questions about our VT insurance adjusting services.


Vermont is located in New England and is the only state in New England that does not come in contact with the Atlantic Ocean. half of Vermont’s western border is made up of Lake Champlain. Vermont being located in the northeastern part of the U.S. gives each season a very different feel to it. The spring is very muddy and wet, the summers start mild but by august they are very harsh in terms of heat and humidity. The fall is chilly and once winter comes Vermont’s climate is frigid and the higher the elevation, the colder it gets.