There is nothing worse than going away for a weekend or even just leaving your home for a few hours to return to a ransacked house that has been robbed. Not only do those thieves rob people of their possessions, but they also rob people of their feelings of safety.

recent insurance claim for robbery / theft of personal contents and vandalism.

recent insurance claim for robbery / theft of personal contents and vandalism.

Robberies are unpredictable and when they happen it can turn a families life upside down. Another way that people can ruin a families home or business is through vandalism.

Sometimes people don’t like what a company does, what a person believes or any of the other reasons people decide to vandalize homes but that does not give them the right to take action into their own hands by ruining a family’s or business’s personal property.

Whether your home has been robbed or vandalized, Global Patriot Adjusters wants to give you that feeling of safety back. Sometimes the worst robberies are not of expensive jewelry or technology, but of personal sentimental objects. As public insurance adjusters, we know that the original objects can never be replaced, but we will work our hardest to get back all of the losses from a robbery or act of vandalism.

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Vandalism Insurance Claims – Another Reality of Harsh Winter Weather

“The Insurance Carriers often seem deaf to the results of Vandalism. When we file Vandalism Insurance Claims we backstop the claim with details and follow-up with strategies we have sharpened over hundreds of Vandalism Insurance Claims. On Vandalism Insurance Claims, you truly need a Public Adjuster.”
Marc Lancaric, Public Adjuster & President of Global Patriot Adjusters, LLC

There is little that can make a home or business owner feel worse than when vandals seeking some sick joy of damaging your property, or theft of the metals that are part of running your heat and power. For a host of reasons, the winter seems to bring a pronounced increase in Vandalism Insurance Claims.

If your Home or your Business is faced with an untimely attack resulting in Vandalism Insurance Claim, be prepared for a more harsh push back from your insurance carrier than with many other types of Wind and Fire Insurance Claims.


  1. File a Police Report.

  2. Contact Your Insurance Carrier to let them know you are going to file Vandalism Insurance Claims.

  3. If plumbing, Electrical, or Structural problems exist, contact professionals in your area to secure each of these systems in a way to protect your property from further damage.  You will always need to “contain the loss,” to keep your insurance carrier from limiting the claim.

  4. Take lots of pictures.  Take 100 or more of the condition to be on the safe side of being able to prove the loss.

  5. Contact us to be your Public Adjuster. The earlier you can contact us the better it will be in bringing about fast action by your insurance carrier handling the vandalism insurance claims for your property.