There is nothing worse than going away for a weekend or even just leaving your home for a few hours to return to a ransacked house that has been robbed. Not only do those thieves rob people of their possessions, but they also rob people of their feelings of safety.


Robberies are unpredictable and when they happen it can turn a families life upside down. Another way that people can ruin a families home or business is through vandalism.

Sometimes people don’t like what a company does, what a person believes or any of the other reasons people decide to vandalize homes but that does not give them the right to take action into their own hands by ruining a family’s or business’s personal property.

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Whether your home has been robbed or vandalized, Global Patriot Adjusters wants to give you that feeling of safety back. Sometimes the worst robberies are not of expensive jewelry or technology, but of personal sentimental objects. As public insurance adjusters, we know that the original objects can never be replaced, but we will work our hardest to get back all of the losses from a robbery or act of vandalism.

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