For business owners, their business is a source of income, a passion and a way of life. When that way of life is interrupted it can be detrimental to a business owners personal life. Because business owners do not have a regular salary they only get what they make, so if they can’t operate their business they have no income to provide for themselves or their family.

We are currently helping homeowners, condo associations, and business owners in New England with winter storm damage-related insurance claims.


Business interruption claims can be filed for many reasons but the bottom line is that, the business has been negatively affected by an outside source that was unavoidable. An example of business interruption would be a meat shop that is hit by a storm and has its freezers destroyed. If the freezers are broken, there is nowhere to store the meat, so the business cannot operate.

We can help you with hurricane and storm damage related insurance claims.

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Global Patriot Adjusters understands that running a business is not an easy task and not being able to actually run your business can cause a business owner and their family emotional distress. As public insurance adjusters nothing is more important to us than our clients and their families safety and happiness. We will work with you to maximize your claim and make sure that you and your family have your monetary needs met until the business is up and running again.