Attention homeowners and business owners affected the tornado in Cape Cod — we can help!

We can take the pain out of the insurance claims process and get you maximum claim payout. Call us at 508-280-6499 to help advise you through the insurance claim process. 

We are currently helping residents and business owners with tornado insurance claims in:

Global Patriot Adjusters is a company birthed and built on the single goal of fanatically bringing every dollar deserved to clients from an MA insurance claim. We maintain the best reputation in the public adjuster business because we take every insurance claim for every client as a project with personal ownership and accountability.

Please call Marc Lancaric at 508-280-6499 with any questions about our MA insurance adjusting services.

"My team is here to help you get the most money for your insurance claims. We work for you!" — Marc Lancaric

Global Patriot Adjusters can help home, condominium, and business owners with their insurance claims in Massachusetts, including, but not limited to:


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is located in New England and has the 3rd densest population in the united states. Massachusetts is home to the MBTA  (the T & more) as well as the freedom trail located in the North End of Boston, MA. Massachusetts is located in the Northeast and has very unpredictable and usually extreme weather from a snow storm on Halloween to temperatures reaching over 100 degrees in the summer. Every season is a new adventure in Massachusetts and that is why it is very important that anyone living there be prepared for any type of weather or climate.