We help New York home, condominium, and business owners with insurance claims.

Global Patriot Adjusters is a company created on the single devotion to bring every dollar deserved to clients from an insurance claim. We maintain the best reputation in the Public Adjuster business because we take each claim for each client as a project with personal ownership and accountability. We do this because we are constantly helping those in serious situations where our clients are faced with problems that could lead to homelessness if not dealt with properly.

Global Patriot Adjusters has helped New York residents save money on these types of claims:

We specialize in vandalism, thievery or robbery, structural collapse and more.

Please call Marc Lancaric at 800-654-3041 with any questions about our NY insurance adjusting services.

About New York


New York state is bordered New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the south and Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont to the east. New York is referred to as New York State to distinguish itself from the most famous city that resides in the state.

New York City is the most populated city in the U.S. making up 40% of the population of New York State by itself. New York’s climate is affected by two continental air masses; one is humid and warm from the south and the other is dry and cold from the north. These two masses make New York’s winters long and cold and their summers can have periods of uncomfortable humidity.