You likely should not trust your Insurance Carrier's Adjuster

This may seem like a startling thing to say, but most of the time however well intentioned, your insurance adjuster may be his or her loyalties rarely align with your needs and rights. It is very likely that your insurance adjuster sent by your carrier will not fully understand your policy through the exhaustive review the Global Public Adjusters would do. This fact alone will cause the scope of damages to before less than allowable under the policy you purchased to protect your property.

While we, as public adjusters, we can help you at any time during your claim. It is good to contact us as early as possible. Early access to your adjuster sets the relationship with your insurance carrier in a much better posture for a positive outcome to your claim.


We say that your insurance carriers adjuster is not your friend, because there is no guarantee he or she has your best interest at heart. You will find this to be an even more exhaustive problem when there is a large event causing thousands of properties to have damage.

Sometimes it is not the intent of your carrier or adjusters to not give you an equitable claim, it is a reality that they do not have the attention span necessary to settle it properly.

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