Buffalo NY Snow Storm of 2014

This week Buffalo was surprised with a massive amount of snow due to a lake effect leaving people dead, and over 100 people trapped in their homes, stranded in their cars, and stuck at work for days! The Buffalo area was buried under as much as 5½ feet of snow  and  thorough out the day  and into Thursday night another 5 to 8 inches hit homes.  It is not secret that this is a massive amount of snow and it is leaving home & business owners nervous for their properties. The main concern for these New Yorker's is their roof collapsing! If your roof is in good condition and is sloped then you do not have much to fear however take precaution. If you roof is on the flat side it is easy to get on there and shovel off the snow. Using a snow rake with a long extension arm that will allow you to remove the snow while standing on the ground or hire a snow removal contractor.

Global Patriot Adjsuters are licensed in the state of NY and will review your claim in your roof collapsing in Buffalo NY.

Insurance Claim Help

Before - And - After Your Have and Insurance Claim to File! Before there is a problem the prudent choice is to - Read your insurance policy. Find out what it covers and what it doesn’t. Be sure you are covered for the worst possible conditions. This should include Sewar Backup Coverage, Enough coverage for Flood and Homeowners, as well as enough Content Coverage and deductibles that won't break you.

When you have damage to your home and need to file a claim.

Marc Lancaric - Public Adjuster & President of Global Patriot Adjusters, LLC says; "Absolutely resist the impulse to clean up immediately after the damage. The most important need you must address is taking pictures of the damage."

If you think 10 pictures did the trick to show the damage, multiply this by 10 and take 100. You will never have "too many" pictures of the damage. We could tell you endless stories about not having enough pictures to prove the cause of the loss or the amount of the damage!

Next, you should, with camera in hand, Inventory the damage to the build and the contents. As a rule, your insurance company will not pay for anything over $100.00 if you do not have a picture.

Many people will produce a list of like items saying "5 pairs of men's dress shoes," or "5 sweaters." The story is much more detailed. Those shoes or sweaters were bought at different times and had a different value. If you let them be bundled together, you are giving away thousands in your coverage.

In one example, a property owner had turned in $25,000 in Insurance Content Coverge Items. When Global Patriot Adjusters, LLC took on this claim, we were able to break out all the items bundled together, and properly value each. The claim resulted in $56,000 in content coverage submitted and awarded by the carrier. Details always matter, and we know how to bring these details to the attention of the Insurance Carrier.

Absolutely do not throw anything away before you can show these items to your insurance carrier adjuster and to your Public Adjuster.

As your Public Adjuster, we can simplify this process. As your Public Adjuster - we will bring you an award that is much higher, and much less hassle.

This process can be cumbersome for the average owner even with the best intention. Marc Lancaric - Public Adjuster TERMINATES may problems felt by cthose needing to file a claim and often says, "The Insurance Carrier Hires a Professional Adjuster to work your claim, You should have the same - As your Public Adjuster Global Patriot Adjuster will TERMINATE the troubles these claims cause owners who experience an insurance loss."