Buffalo NY Snow Storm of 2014

This week Buffalo was surprised with a massive amount of snow due to a lake effect leaving people dead, and over 100 people trapped in their homes, stranded in their cars, and stuck at work for days! The Buffalo area was buried under as much as 5½ feet of snow  and  thorough out the day  and into Thursday night another 5 to 8 inches hit homes.  It is not secret that this is a massive amount of snow and it is leaving home & business owners nervous for their properties. The main concern for these New Yorker's is their roof collapsing! If your roof is in good condition and is sloped then you do not have much to fear however take precaution. If you roof is on the flat side it is easy to get on there and shovel off the snow. Using a snow rake with a long extension arm that will allow you to remove the snow while standing on the ground or hire a snow removal contractor.

Global Patriot Adjsuters are licensed in the state of NY and will review your claim in your roof collapsing in Buffalo NY.