Victorian home property damage

If you have a Victorian home and you happen to have a insurance claim due to a covered peril, make sure to hire a public insurance adjusting firm that understands historic construction. If you have a home on the historic registry make sure you hire a advocate. Victorian homes are some of the most beautiful and intricate designed homes in the country. Most adjusters don't understand the type of construction that is used to put the property back to per-loss condition.

Victorian homes are some of the oldest homes in the country and should be preserved as much as possible to keep the rich history of this country alive and well. Most of these homes are located in the eastern United States and are about 3 stories high. However there are a good amount of Victorian homes located on the west coast that are 1 or 2 stories high. Marc Lancaric, one of the owners will work your claim if you want. We look forward to helping you.