What Is Bad Faith by Your Insurance Carrier?

What Is Bad Faith by Your Insurance Carrier? Bad faith is a legal term which simply means operating in and unfaithful manner to the contract which is possessed between two parties. It is important to understand this aspect which is present on many insurance claims where Global Patriot Adjusters LLC has been called in to take over a claim.

Here are a few examples of bad faith claims Global Patriot Adjusters LLC won across the United States:

On a client's home in New York who carried $550,000 worth of homeowners insurance, a large tree struct the east end of the home. The owners filed a claim with their insurance. The insurance company sent an adjuster to the home and assessed the damage at $22,000.

Global Patriot Adjusters LLC was called in and assessed the claim at $132,000. A factual review of the property, which included open wall inspections not conducted by the carrier, showed structural damage as much as 76 feet away from the impact point. We called in and engineer to review our findings.

Amount Differential ($)

We negotiated 6 times the amount offered by the insurance company on behalf of the insured.

Global Patriot Adjusters was able to settle the claim and quash the bad faith assessment provided by the insurance carrier. Bad faith is often nothing more than failing to properly scope damage to the insured property.

On a home in Connecticut that received a 49 inch flood, Global Patriot Adjusters was called in to deal with bad faith on the part of the insurance carrier. The crawlspace on the home had been totally inundated with water. The water had come all the way up to the sub floor of the home causing water to reach into the home through the sub floor and through all the facing floors and the home. The insurance carrier offered $3,000 to replace the insulation underneath the house and do some minor cleaning in the crawlspace. The insurance carrier failed to address any interior damages whatsoever.

Global Patriot Adjusters was able to provide proof of the extensive damage to the interior of the home. We were able to settle the claim for $46,212. As the public adjuster with hundreds of millions in claims successfully settled, we have a broad number of tools at our disposal born out of years of toil in the insurance industry.

Amount Differential ($)

We negotiated 15 times the amount offered by the insurance company on behalf of the insured.

It is important to realize that no matter how logical your claim may be in your mind, it may be denied based on a technicality that you do not have the years of experience to overcome on your own.

One of our clients in Florida went on a 2 week vacation. While they were away at their vacation in O-ring failed on their icemaker and caused 10,000 gallons of water to flood their home and cause very toxic mold over every room in their one level home. The insurance carrier assessed the cost of repairs at $111,215. Global Patriot Adjusters assessed the repairs reasonably close, at $115,428.

The insurance carrier issued a denial of the entire claim based on the erroneous assertion that our client had been away from the house for 30 days and not had anyone look in on the home. As stated before, the owners were only gone for 2 weeks and were not in violation of their insurance policy.

We were able to settle this claim over the next 45 days by creating a provable case in undeniable insurance terms brought to the carrier. Without using this level of due diligence improving the claim, the owners would if only been able to litigate the claim on the basis of bad faith performance by the carrier. Litigation can often last 2 years or more. While we can never say that we avoid litigation at every turn, it is our practice to bring about settlement of claims without lengthy delays.

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