Loss of Use / Additional Living Expense Coverage

Imagine that you had a problem at your home and did not think to have insurance to cover your costs while you have to be away during repairs. For many without this type of coverage, this is a truly harsh day.

We encourage all homeowners to carry loss of use coverage on their homeowners policies. These policies provide you a place to live while away from your home, and cover many additional cost for food outside of the home, along with needed items that are critical for day-to-day continuance of your lifestyle.


When you have this coverage your need for the services of Global Patriot Adjusters comes into quick focus. It is necessary, to avoid loss of monies you may spend, we negotiate what your expenses will be so there will be no surprises or non payment.

We were recently called in on a claim where these additional living expenses were being accrued very quickly by the insured. The insured had spent over $20,000 living away from the home while waiting on the insurance company to settle their claim. The insurance carrier had not provided any checks for additional living expenses prior to the time we were enlisted on the claim.

The carrier was denying their responsibility for roughly $7000 of this totals leaving the homeowners holding the financial bag. Worse still, the homeowners were living in a one room hotel room instead of having housing that was similar to the house they could not use presently.

Because we were enlisted latest on this claim, we had to do some very quick and harsh work on it getting the monies paid back to the homeowners while also dealing with moving them to better housing and paying the majority of all their expenses.

Your insurance company will typically call these expenses ALE expenses. The customer items that are paid for quite literally additional living expenses that are incurred due to the inability to use your home. These will generally include housing that is similar to the housing that you must leave temporarily and food that you must purchase while being away and not having access to a kitchen.

If you were able to quickly get into a condominium or house with a full kitchen, you would not have additional living expenses as it related to the food that you would normally prepare. You would however have additional living expenses for maintaining this rental property and these additional expenses would be paid by the carrier under normal terms for this type of coverage.

There are many occasions where loss of use coverage is claimed and used with no trouble whatsoever. However, there are many times when loss of use claims can be as difficult are more difficult for a homeowner to settle then a typical house damage claim. When faced with this occurrence we encourage homeowners to contact us for our assistance immediately.

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