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Reviewing your commercial insurance policies

After dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars in claims Global Patriot Adjusters LLC finds that commercial claims are among the most problematic in the industry. More often than not we find the commercial policies are lacking in some capacity to fully cover a potential loss for the business.

Marc Lancaric, Public Adjuster & President of Global Patriot Adjusters LLC noted; "We recently dealt with a manufactured house that did not have adequate coverage on half of the buildings on the properties. The manufacturing group had to spend over $400,000 that could have been covered by insurance for an additional $6000 per year. Worse still, the management of this manufacturing group thought that they had coverage on all of their buildings."


We offer a service to commercial clients to review their policies and find where there are holes in their coverage that we can take up or help them take up with their insurance agents.

We encourage everyone to look over the policies from time to time, but in the commercial sector it can be the difference between sustaining a business and having to shutter the doors forever.

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