Understand Flood Coverage and Art/Collectables

Some of the most heart breaking realities we've had to bring to clients surrounds collectibles and art which are not covered my standard flood insurance policies.

The standard flood insurance policy covers $2500 worth of collectibles no matter how many dollars in collectibles your home may have.

Before a flood event happens it is advisable to talk to your insurance agent to get direct coverage on your collectible items that are not covered under the standard flood insurance policy. As many of these items are not replaceable, we also suggest that you move to secure these belongings before any other insured belongings before a flooding event occurs.

Global Patriot Adjusters has counseled many clients pre-storm about these ways to secure these items. We have also shared in the heart ache of many customers who've lost prize possessions that are not insured.

During super storm Sandy we saw Collections, antique furniture, and artwork all destroyed and not replaced by flood insurance.


Please ask us if you have any questions about this standard flood insurance policy and how you can avoid losing valuable collectibles and heirlooms your family owns.

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