Getting Paid For You Damaged Belongings

It seems like something that would be paid for without the slightest hesitation by your insurance company, but it's not. In insurance terms your belongings are called contents. These contents have a special line item in your insurance which cover the amount of contents you have coverage for in every type of loss.


Your insurance carrier will give you a solid pushback on any item which cost more than $100 that you do not have a picture of the show that it was in your home at the time of the insurance loss.

You can avoid this problem by working with Global Patriot Adjusters and organizing the photos on your behalf and listing the contents for their proper value before your insurance company tries to not pay for what you should get.

We help commercial and residential clients to get every dime possible from their contents claims when things are damaged during a loss. We do this by focusing as much on this part of the claim as we do on the structure damage.

Most public adjusters do not focus on the full claim. This is just one of the ways we do better for our customers no matter how small or large a claim may be.

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