General Contractors and Your Insurance Claim?

Many homeowners try to save money after an insurance claim by operating as their own general contractor, or hiring a great many unlicensed trades. This decision is often well-intentioned but accidentally a costly mistake.

Your insurance carrier is going to request documents which prove you conducted the repairs which were approved and negotiated by your public adjuster. When you do not have the needed paperwork to prove out the proper use of the insurance funds for the scope that was approved, the insurance company will often not supply more money or provide final money for the rebuild.


At Global Patriot Adjusters we can work with you and your contractor to assure the proper scope is addressed in a way that your insurance company will not give us a hassle and getting you paid. This will also assist in allowing us to collect additional funds for additional needs that show up during the rebuild project.

We have seen countless examples over the years of well-intentioned property owners who have found themselves in a true trick bag when their insurance company demands paperwork that never was produced. The moral of this story, don't be afraid to higher it licensed contractor to work the exact scope we provide you that will be paid by the insurance carrier.

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