Understanding the Air Conditioning and Flood Coverage | Global Patriot Adjusters LLC

In the last $50 million in homeowner claims we have produced, more than 70% of those homes with outside air conditioning equipment, are faced with a special risk for additional loss. You have two parts of your HVAC system, Outside Condenser Unit and Interior Air Handler.DSCF5710

The Condenser will be covered by your flood claim. It usually sits on the ground, and thus, it is covered.  The air handler (inside), however, is generally not covered.   This is the problem; your condenser and your air handler are the same age, the same technology, the same coolant.  If you go to replace the condenser in a flood claim, you will likely find the entire system must be replaced by code, or by necessity of compatibility.

AC-Platform-design-768x1024The homeowner is usually left with $2,000 – $4,000 in cost for HVAC over and above the insurance covered amount.  For this reason, we suggest you take the lead from many we worked with during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Instruct your contractors to install your outside HVAC unit above the 100 Year flood level.

You will never again have to deal with the need for flood coverage for this vital piece of equipment.

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