Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

Smoke Damage Insurance Claims Why You May Need a Public Adjuster

Marc Lancaric, public adjuster, was at a New Hampshire apartment building where a fire had occurred recently. The owner explained that the insurance carrier had said, “We won't be covering smoke damage beyond the neighboring apartment, this just wasn't much more than a kitchen fire.”


Marc Lancaric, now the owner's Public Adjuster responded “This is a smoke damage insurance claim as much as a fire claim, as per the policy, the insurance carrier is responsible to properly investigate and pay for actual damages, including smoke contamination throughout a property.”

Insurance carriers will commonly quickly dismiss the smoke damage caused by even a small fire in homes and businesses. Smoke is one of the strongest and penetrating in insurance losses. Smoke smell can overtake neighboring rooms, attics, basements, and wall cavities which span a building.

At Global Patriot Adjusters, we properly scope the loss. Frankly, it is easy just to look at the obvious, but we will never be accused of such. We dig deep, to find every bit of damage that should be covered by your insurance carrier. We do bring in a far more dollars on claims that are handled with us!

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