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Public Adjuster Commitment To Owners


We had a funny call today from a client.   The owner said; "You can't be making money on our claim, with all this hassle - are you going to leave us?"

Marc Lancaric, Public Adjuster and PresideMarc Lancaric PA Contentsnt of Global Patriot Adjusters LLC responded; "We work every claim with a type Commitment to Owners that is not about how profitable your claim is to us, but how well we work as your Public Adjuster.  When we do our work by best practices, with a fact based, owner centered commitment, we build a great company, and support the positive lives of thousands who are damaged by denied and unfair insurance claims!"

He went on to say, "We don't just abandon any client, no matter how hard the negotiations may become!."

A little background on this claim: We had checks flying in for the owners, but we were facing some challenges in getting the client paid for all of their contents.

First understand, Global Patriot Adjusters LLC, handles tens of millions in contents every year.  For this particular owner, we even got 3rd party evaluation on many of the items to get the numbers up.

As it happened,  we got a report in from the insurance carrier today that they were paying $25,000 of a $39,000 claim for contents.  We called in some experts for some help, and by five o'clock, we had that number to $36,500.  We are always proud when we get closer than others.

It could be said that we are a strange lot!   We would certainly agree.  Our strangeness is more of a code of honor, as we border on zealots when it comes the settling claims.

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