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Insurance Claim Help -  Avoiding the Pitfalls

When you have damage to your home or business, from the first call you make to your insurance carrier, it could be costing you monies on your claim. It seems like it should be simple, but the insurance company doesn't stay in business by paying out big on your claim without a push!

Some of the pitfalls we can help you avoid:

  • Taking a settlement less than the proper value of the damage to the building.
  • Taking a settlement for building contents for less than what is lost or damaged.
  • Avoiding undue limits on your Additional Living Expenses Coverage.
  • Avoiding delays by your carrier.
  • Avoid problems with records relating to the construction that will cause delays in payment, or denied claims.
  • Avoiding making statement that could cause a rejection of all or part of the insurance claim.
  • Generally avoiding the hassle of dealing with so many aspects of a claim.
Your insurance carrier hires professionals to work your claim on their behalf, you should have the same on your side!
— Marc Lancaric, Public Adjuster & President of Global Patriot Adjusters

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