Your Insurance Company Will Tell You to be Patient - We Disagree

Your Insurance Carrier's Adjuster that comes to see you after the claim will often tell you to be patient. It's important understand that when you are in the middle of of an insurance loss some time will transpire while getting everything in order to get you back in your property. At the same time it is important understand that many of the delays that your insurance carrier may put you through are not necessarily are proper. Your Insurance Carrier Will often Say “We are not here to deny coverage, we are here to find coverage.” It is somewhat more fair to say, the Adjuster provided by your Carrier provided is working to please the insurance carrier first, not you.


When Global Patriot Adjusters is called to assess your property, we will do so rapidly and bring about immediate action with your insurance carrier. During times of extreme weather events the entire industry slows due to the volume. It is during these times when your insurance carrier will often give you long lead times on when your claim will be settled.

When you hire us we work for you. Although your insurance adjuster provided by your insurance carrier may not be looking to withhold any coverage from you, he does not work for you. This is a very key difference between the role of the public adjuster and the role of the carrier or independent adjuster.

Consider this anytime you have a claim. Your insurance carrier has a professional advocated for them, you should have the same.

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