Advance: Getting a Good Advance on Your Insurance Claim

What is an advance? An advance is an early release of funds before the claim is fully settled.  


When Global Patriot Adjusters takes on your claim, the first thing we do is looking to getting you an advance on the cost of putting your property back together.

We have many tools in our trade that allow us to make sure monies for your claim come in more quickly.

We will first look to getting an advance for part of the cost of repairs on your claim. At the same time we will look to file your contents claim for any damaged contents right away. We like to see both of these checks arrived for you within the first 30 days of working with you.
— Marc Lancaric, Public Adjuster & President, Global Patriot Adjusters

Getting an advance on your insurance claim is very important to getting things moving quickly. There often issues that slightly delay the finalization of a scope. With advances we can mitigate this problem and keep the process moving forward.

When you're faced with a loss that affects the quality and consistency of your life, we know you just want to be made whole as soon as possible. This is the very reason Global Patriot Adjusters asks for an advance as a public adjuster. We seek to get you every dollar allowable under your insurance policy.

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