Public Adjuster Insurance Notes: Forced Placed Insurance

Public Adjuster Insurance Notes: Forced Placed Insurance

Forced Placed Insurance - Public Adjuster Advice Global Patriot Adjusters, LLC

If your insurance carrier is handling your insurance, you are likely paying too much for coverage that doesn't protect your possessions or your home to a level you desire. This does not mean we cannot be your Public Adjuster, It does mean you should pay attention to this earlier, and seek how to get a policy which protects your contents much better.

Most people with forced placed coverage do not really understand their policy until it is too late.  JP Morgan is slated to pay out $322 Million for charging customers as much 10 times the cost of their insurance! 

Marc Lancaric - Public Adjuster & President of Global Patriot Adjusters suggests; "Talk to an insurance broker about your insurance. Do this for the same reason you hire us as your Public Adjuster, you should always use a professional - and brokers carry liability and thus are generally the most professional in assessing and providing proper insurance coverage for your home of business. "

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