Commercial Property Insurance Claims

Owning a property that others live in or work in is rewarding and hard. Rewarding in the fact that you supply a place for people to live or work and make a part of their lives. However with that reward comes the responsibility of making sure that everyone who frequents the building must feel safe.


Please call Marc Lancaric at 800-654-3041 with any questions about our insurance adjusting services.

Had a pleasure working with Marc. Thank you for what you do for people!
— Olga Ramiro Ban

    We can help your with your commercial insurance claim from events such as:

    Please call Marc Lancaric at 800-654-3041 with any questions about our insurance adjusting services.

    Global Patriot Adjusters feels your pain and strives to make every commercial building owner get all of the necessary materials to protect the people who work or live in the building. We pride ourselves on getting every dollar each person deserves!

    Commercial Insurance Claims Tips

    When a business faces the need to file an insurance claim for property damage there is typically an imperative to see the claim handled with speed.  The factors that face  Commercial Insurance Claims are more complex than residential claims and more often have a need to employ a professional to manage the process and advocate for the company.


    • Loss of Income  / Continuation of Business during the loss event
    • Loss of Use Coverage Payment from the Insurance Carrier
    • Calculating the correct cost of the repairs and dealing with specific needs to increase the cost of repairs due to time constraints and the need to re-open or fully operate the business.
    • Cash flow during and Commercial Insurance Claim period which can be managed better through speed of claim, and advance payment from the insurance carrier.
    • Code requirement additional cost justification.
    • Payment of depreciation on the Commercial Insurance Claim.
    • Staff costs for managing your commercial insurance claim.

    Our staff of Public Adjuster, Support, and Estimation staff are Commercial Insurance Claim Specialists .

    “We have handled hundred’s commercial insurance claims.”

    The complexities of Commercial Insurance Claims stand in the way of success for many companies affected by the ravages of nature, robbery, and vandalism. We handle all Commercial Insurance Claims with speed and a powerful commitment to see the claim settled with at the highest value possible.

    When you hire Global Patriot Adjusters to work with your Commercial Insurance Claim, you will pay nothing up front for our services.

    “In fact, our fees will never be paid until we can collect monies for your Commercial Insurance Claim.”

    Call Marc Lancaric – Public Adjuster & President of Global Patriot Adjusters. Mr. Lancaric personally manages all Commercial Insurance Claims for the company. You can reach Global Patriot Adjuster at 800-654-3041.