Sewer Backup Insurance Claims: A Reminder In Brooklyn, NY

Sewer Backup Insurance Claims

Earlier this week, a two-block area of Brooklyn, NY was affected by a broken water main utility line. The water from this broken line caused some 30 homes to experience from inches to feet in water damage to ground floors and basements. 

This is an occurrence which makes the phones at Global Patriot Adjusters ring with scared and frustrated homeowners. The first question we ask in assessing if the homeowner has coverage for Sewage Backup as a part of Homeowner's Coverage. Sadly, Most Owners Do Not Have This Coverage!


This coverage is what is called and additional rider on your Homeowner's insurance. It usually covers $5,000 to $25,000 for pipe related backups and damage. These coverages usually raise the cost of insurance a very small amount.

There is simply no wiser insurance addition than sewage backup coverage. If you are served by public utilities, it should be as obvious as fire coverage! If your damage was beyond the insured amount, we would help you in working with an attorney to file for recovery of  your costs from the city utility that caused the damage.
— Marc Lancaric, Public Adjuster & President of Global Patriot Adjusters

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