Details, Our Best Tool as Your Public Adjuster! Global Patriot Adjusters, LLC.

"Negotiating an insurance claim is more of a science project than an argument, It is the details we find and feature that cannot be denied as we maximize insurance claims" Marc Lancaric - Public Adjuster & President of Global Patriot Adjusters.

When Global Patriot Adjusters takes on your claim, we are not just looking for the most obvious detail, but the details that tell the deeper story.  The details of the damage to your property are only found through a committed and experienced Public Adjuster that knows how to find the extent of damage, and cost to repair.

Here are some recent details we found on Commercial and Residential Insurance Claims in NH, CT, & MA.  We used these details to maximize insurance claims.

In Kent CT, our client had an Ice Dam Insurance Claim.  The insurance company thought the damage covered 20 square feet of drywall, with no roof damage.  By paying special attention to the flow of the water and the footprint of the damage, we found an additional 120 square feet of damage, 60 feet of damaged gutters, and a full 100 square feet of shingle damage.

By finding the details of this claim, we were able to help the homeowner avoid secondary and expanded damages.  Most important, we were able to prove the details of the insurance claim to the Insurance company and dramatically increase the final insurance settlement.

Flat Roof Insurance Claims

We found some Details on a Commercial Fire Claim in Springfield, MAthat changed the outcome of the claim.  The owners had a fire in the basement of their multi-story apartment building.  The fire department cut several holes in the roof when investigating and putting out the flame.  We were able to deal with two key aspects of the roof to bring the owner a completely new roof.

The first detail we found, was the fact that roof was at least 4 layers of various kinds of roof that were going to be very difficult, costly, and short-term in performance.

Commercial Flat Roof Insurance Claim Public Adjuster

The second detail we found on this commercial fire insurance claim roof was the clear evidence that several layers of the roof were highly suspect of having asbestos.  This meant the patching of the roof, which was already a bad idea, was no longer a possibility.

Finally, the insurance company paid to remove the asbestos from the roof, and replace the entire roof with an EPDM roof due to code compliance for new roofs.  Reporting the details we found in our expert work as Public Adjusters changed the outcome for our commercial client.

On a Residential Fire and Water Damage Insurance Claim in Manchester, NH, the insurance company placed the value of the cabinetry at a mid-grade level.  We studied the details of the Insurance Covered Damage to this property and presented details to the insurance company to prove, beyond a doubt, that the cabinets were customer grade.

Within just a few weeks of working as the Public Adjuster for this Fire and Water claim, the insurance company had agreed to provide payment for the skilled labor and materials to bring the kitchen back to its former quality.

Nothing works better than bringing the details to light, to bring a larger and more fair settlement from the insurance company.

With years of experience, our ability to bring about quick action from your insurance carrier is our standard of operation.  Your insurance company does not have your best interest at heart.  We have a staff ready to personally handle every aspect of your claim.

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