Busy Cold Winter - Slow Insurance Claims? - We Can Help CT, NH, NY, RI, MA, and ME Public Adjuster

Busy Cold Winter - Slow Insurance Claims? - We Can HelpCT, NH, NY, RI, MA, and ME Public Adjuster

It is winter, and It is cold in New England.  That statement isn't strange.  But today it is

worth mentioning that for a great portion of this Winter Season, better than half the country has colder than normal.  We aren't weather reporters, but we do watch weather and we are Insurance Industry Watchers for certain.  This strange cold winter is putting stress on the insurance carriers and will likely cause CT, NH, NY, RI, MA, and ME Insurance Claims to move slower.

Sometimes Home and Business Owners will ask us to take on their insurance claim for ice break, fire, or other damages, just because the insurance company is slow too respond to the needs of the insured  property restoration.   We have noticed more of this lately because the insurance companies are swamped with work.   We specialize in moving the process along for our clients.  We have learned many strategies to help insurance claims move more quickly.

It is certainly not fair that insurance claims are so difficult to navigate for most home owners and business owner, but it is a fact our clients often understand. We help you avoid the pitfalls of insurance claims through tried and true strategies.

“Your insurance company hires professionals to work for them, you need the same thing.  We work only for you! Not the insurance company. When Pipe Break Insurance Settlement is Under Value, it can be solved… but do act fast!” Marc Lancaric – Public Adjuster & President of Global Patriot Adjusters, LLC. 

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