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Brutal Winter Insurance Claims In the NorthEast |

Global Patriot Adjusters works claims across the North East United States year round.

Marc Lancaric, Public Adjuster & President of Global Patriot Adjusters LLC. ice_storm_nhmentioned "As far as our work goes, it is well-known; New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts. Vermont, & Maine get brutal treatment in the winter months."

Marc goes on to say "As soon as Winter arrives, the fire alerts start, shortly followed by plumbing failures... then building collapse and tree damage.  All of these seems to be some of the most low settlements from the insurance carriers.  In most of the cases, these are claims that deserve more, not less!"

Claims often are difficult to work without a Public Adjuster because: 

  1. Winter makes for slow response times from insurance adjusters and contractors.  - We will help to move this along, and make sure your insurance group is paying for your additional costs during the winter.
  2. Winter claims can come from multiple perils on commercial and residential policies more often.  We help to overcome complexity by careful examination. "

We can't say enough about the complexity of the claim.  There are times when our staff gets really dirty in the process of getting a claim on paper.  We do the dirty work no matter how tedious!

Global Patriot Adjusters, LLC is a Licensed Public Adjusting Firm for Residential & Commercial Claims with locations in:

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, New York, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado

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