Including Roof Leaks, Storm Flooding, Appliance Leaks, Frozen & Broken Pipes

Water damage can be detrimental to a home or business. In a home or at your business location there can be many causes of water damage. There could be a leaky roof that starts out as a small drip but quickly turns into a waterfall coming out of your ceiling.


Storms can cause flooding, which can seep into your home and decimate on the walls and structure of the building. Sometimes appliances like dishwashers, laundry machines and other appliances can break and start to leak. Depending on where the appliance is in your home it can cause damage not just to the surrounding area, but in some cases it can seep through one level and leak into the level below.

During the winter in some areas temperatures can drop to levels below freezing and if your home or business is not heated to an appropriate level your pipes can freeze. When pipes freeze, it does not take a lot for them to burst, which can be a really expensive and long process to fix. Having a public insurance adjuster can be extremely helpful in any of the above cases.

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