Water Damage Caused by Burst Pipes

Temperatures are dropping in New England and the east coast so it is time to start thinking ahead as to what could go wrong as we start preparing for winter. One of the most common phone calls we get at Global Patriot Adjusters from our colder locations; Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, and New York, is water damage caused by pipes bursting. Have you ever put a soda can in the freezer trying to speed up the process of having a cold drink and came back to a freezer covered in soda because the can exploded? Well, water reacts the same way to cold temperatures, it expands when it freezes. If you have pipes outside, in attics, or crawl space and anywhere that is not properly insulated from the cold than these are the places that frozen pipes will occur resulting in them bursting and causing water damage to these vulnerable areas.

If these areas are the only place that you can install pipes than you need to properly insulate the area and the pipes to keep the subfreezing air from penetrating pipes and causing ice build up in the pipes. When a pipe burst is can cause damage thorough out your entire home Global Patriot Adjusters are the advocate for your property and are legally allowed to negotiation with insurance companies to get the money your home is worth. We work hard and don't get paid until you get paid!

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