Flat Roof Insurance Claims - Public Adjuster

Our Chief Estimator once said; "If you are looking forthe guy that invented the flat roof, he's bound to be in hell."   Our Flat Roof Insurance Claim Clients know this all too well.  Often, Flat Roof Insurance Claims can be some of the most difficult to handle on your own.

Why are Flat Roof Insurance Claims so difficult to settle?  

  1. Because there is no clear line of separation between sections, so insurance carriers are forced to look at replacement of the entire roof, more often than not.
  2. Because the roof systems require seamless installation that does not allow for many types of simple repairs.
  3. Drainage issue, can be confusing to insurance adjusters not trained and seasoned on Flat Roof Insurance Claims.
  4. Code mandated upgrades to roofs must be explained and proven to keep the insured from being open to liability.

Flat Roof Insurance Claims need to be handled quickly to avoid deeper impact on buildings and contents they contain.  The very nature of the Flat Roof does not allow for easy covering as a manner of temporary repair.  Often times, we help clients get needed skills on site to stop the loss by making temporary repairs with the best engineering methods in the market.

When you contact Global Patriot Adjusters, Ask for Marc Lancaric - Public Adjuster & President of Global Patriot Adjusters.  Mr. Lancaric handles all Commercial Flat Roof Claims personally, along with key member of the estimation staff.

Flat Roof Claims require skill by all who touch them.  As your Public Adjuster we will be certain to bring the needed expertise to Maximize and Quickly Settle Your Flat Roof Insurance Claim.

With years of experience, our ability to bring about quick action from your insurance carrier is our standard of operation.  Your insurance company does not have your best interest at heart.  We have a staff ready to personally handle every aspect of your claim.

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