Pipe Break Insurance Settlement Under Value! Next Steps! NH, CT, MA, VT, RI Public Adjuster

Many who were impacted by the freezing temperatures in the Northeast recently, filed insurance claims and will be getting back settlement offers that are under value for the cost of the insurance loss.

"Your insurance company hires professionals to work for them, you need the same thing.  We work only for you! Not the insurance company. When Pipe Break Insurance Settlement is Under Value, it can be solved... but do act fast!" Marc Lancaric - Public Adjuster & President of Global Patriot Adjusters, LLC. 

Pipe Break Insurance Settlement Under Value - NEXT STEPS 

We will help you deal with the following problems that have created an undervalued value offer from your insurance carrier: 

  • Find where values have been under market value we can help to address this with the carrier with facts, not opinion.
  • Where missing items are present, we can demand inclusion with the proof necessary to get the additional dollars.
  • If your Contractor pricing is higher than the what the insurance company provided - we can help resolve this with the insurance company.
  • Chances are good, you did not get enough payment to replace your damaged contents either. We can can help to avoid this problem. 

In all you do  - you need the facts - call on Global Patriot Adjusters for a no cost consultation. remember we never collect a dime for working with you until you are paid for your insurance damage.    

With years of experience, our ability to bring about quick action from your insurance carrier is our standard of operation.  Your insurance company does not have your best interest at heart.  We have a staff ready to personally handle every aspect of your claim.

Call us for a free no obligation consultation or for advice on how to proceed: 800-654-3041