We are helping Palm Beach, FL homeowners, condominium associations, business owners, and property managers with hurricane and wind damage insurance claims in the following neighborhoods:

  • S Ocean Blvd / Ocean Blvd

  • S Ocean Blvd / Regent Park

  • Manana Ln / N Ocean Blvd

  • Town Center

  • Other areas not listed. Please call us us at 561-408-5533.

Global Patriot Adjusters is a company built on the single goal of bringing every dollar deserved to clients from an insurance claim. We maintain the best reputation in the Public Insurance Adjuster business because we take every claim for every client as a project with personal ownership and accountability. In cases where hurricanes and tropical storms appear out of nowhere and a bad accident happens, someone needs to be in your corner fighting for YOU!

We specialize in wind and hurricane damage, water damage / pipe bursts, structural damage, mold and asbestos damagebusiness interruption, and more. Please contact us with any inquiries about our services at 561-408-5533 or contact us now.

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My team is here to help you get the most money for your insurance claims. We work for you!” — Marc Lancaric

Global Patriot Adjusters, LLC
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About Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach, FL is a somewhat small coastal town (i.e. on the ocean, a bay, or inlet) located in the state of Florida. With a population of 8,612 people and four constituent neighborhoods, Palm Beach, FL is the 217th largest community in Florida.


Of important note, Palm Beach, FL is also a town of artists. Palm Beach has more artists, designers and people working in media than 90% of the communities in America. This concentration of artists helps shape Palm Beach’s character.

Another notable thing is that Palm Beach, FL is a major vacation destination. Much of the town’s population is seasonal: many people own second homes and only live there part-time, during the vacation season. The effect on the local economy is that many of the businesses are dependent on tourist dollars, and may operate only during the high season. As the vacation season ends, Palm Beach’s population drops significantly, such that year-round residents will notice that the city is a much quieter place to live.

Palm Beach, FL is also nautical, which means that parts of it are somewhat historic and touch the ocean or tidal bodies of water, such as inlets and bays. Such areas are often places that visitors and locals go for waterfront activities or taking in the scenery.


When you contact Global Patriot Adjusters, you can expect our team to come alive with action regarding your needs.  We will meet with you, and being detailed course of action.

  • Initial Loss Investigation – Identify Cause of Loss (COL)

    • Replacement Cost Value (RCV)

    • Actual Cash Value (ACV)

    • Additional Living Expenses (ALE)

    • Depreciation / Recoverable Depreciation

    • Resolution and any other terminology related to your loss

  • Analyze Insurance Coverage – Evaluate your insurance policy and endorsements to ascertain best strategy for maximizing your coverage

  • Advise you on clean-up and how to proceed with recovery

  • Negotiate with your insurance company for mitigation services, including water damage repair and cleanup, fire/smoke damage and cleanup, mold removal, and other various structural uninhabitable circumstances

  • Create detailed report for you and insurance company of all damages resulting from loss

  • Summary of costs resulting from property loss and Additional Living Expenses (ALE), which may include hotels, food, etc…

  • Clearly explain all policy language

With years of experience, our ability to bring about quick action from your insurance carrier is our standard of operation.  Your insurance company does not have your best interest at heart. We have a staff ready to personally handle every aspect of your claim.

Call us for a free no obligation consultation or for advice on how to proceed. Call us at 561-408-5533.

Global Patriot Adjusters LLC is a licensed public insurance adjuster serving Florida homeowners, condominium associations, property managers, and business owners.

Request a Free Claims Evaluation for any Oak Hill, Florida hurricane and wind damage insurance claims. Call 561-408-5533 or fill out the form.

Also serving residents and businesses in the greater Miami, Daytona Beach, and Fort Lauderdale areas.