Bedford, MA

Bedford, MA is a part of Middlesex County and has a population around 12,595 people. There is a lot of history in Bedford, the Bedford Free Public  Library still displays the oldest intact battle flag in America. The Latin script on the flag reads “Vince Aut Morire” meaning “Conquer or die”. The National Register of Historic Places added the John Wilson Corn Mill to their list in 2003. Since 1685 the mill has been active and used as a saw mill, grist mill and even a cider mill. The Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge is a great example of how Bedford protects and nurtures its wildlife. Today, this refuge is about 12 miles of freshwater wetlands where birds, deer, foxes and all sorts of wildlife come to live. The climate of Bedford is a humid continental climate, so there are very harsh winters. Those winters can cause severe damage to both residential and commercial properties. It is always important to be weary of potential storms that can cause snow damage, ice damage or wind damage. Global Patriot Adjusters, LLC is a company built on the single goal of bringing every dollar deserved to clients from an insurance claim. We maintain the best reputation in the Public Adjuster business because we take every claim for every client as a project with personal ownership and accountability. In cases where a storm appears out of nowhere and a bad accident happens, someone needs to be in your corner fighting for YOU! We specialize in water damage, fire damage, plumbing breaks & leaks and more. Please contact us with any inquiries about our services at 800-654-3041 or email us at